Designed and built in Long Island, NY

Our mission is to deliver artisan crafted, highly engineered, sophisticated yet simple lighting design solutions. Our studio's inspiration is fueled by an obsession with natural materials such as Brass, Glass, and Hardwoods along with a love for artisan craftsmanship.

Champion of American craftsmanship

We create our parts in-house and collaborate with the best local makers to produce fixtures that are made with love by skilled artisans.

Quality materials

We start our process with outstanding raw materials like thick gauge brass, solid American hardwoods, and hand-blown glass. Our parts are individually finished by hand to create a signature quality standard. Utilizing natural patinas such as oxidizing brass and fuming oak; our finishes are richly textured and grow more beautiful with use.

Made with love

The company was started in 2012 as a garage woodworking studio tucked away on the North Shore of Long Island. Principals Lanette and Ryden Rizzo were neighbors at the time, and have built Allied Maker into their dream design studio with a strong manufacturing backbone.