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"Making everything by hand in Sea Cliff, NY, Rizzo wholly encompasses the pared-down aesthetic and focus on quality that characterize his work."
- Cool Hunting
"Upstart Allied Maker is one of those stories we love exposing. All the elements are right. An individual pursuing a passion, an obsession with making things and a handsome product. Craftsmanship. The most overused word in recent history, but we’re saying it anyway."
- Gear Patrol
"Check in at the right time and you might find something made from recently acquired pieces of the old Coney Island boardwalk. Whatever Rizzo ends up fashioning out of them, you'll no doubt immediately recognize the workmanship, fine attention to detail, and joblessness of the locals who used to drink at 9 A.M. on weekdays atop this very wood."
- Thrillist
This is not just a lamp. This is Allied Maker’s lamp made of gorgeous hardwoods finished with organic beeswax, outfitted with a cotton-covered cord and brass findings, and bottomed with beautiful and hard-wearing leather. As far as lamps go, these are the most masculine yet understatedly heirloom-quality specimens we’ve ever seen. Still not convinced? Take another look at that lightbulb. The hand-wound Marconi bulbs (which, okay, maybe sound a little like something out of Portlandia) add just a pinch more visual interest and set this lamp above all others. In fact, it doesn’t even feel right to call it a lamp. What’s a more rugged word for objet d’art?
- Rye & Drivet
"Thanks to Ryden Rizzo @ Allied Maker for the new lamp! I am extremely impressed with his level of craftsmanship and personability, plus his designs match my tastes well. Very excited to see his new projects come to fruition."
- Humbly Outspoken
"The Rosewood is mighty impressive and goes nice with the lamps neck which is a vintage brass piece (Love the on and off switch). The cord is covered in cotton cloth with a red and white design. The bottom even has leather on it so your table top isn't scratched. My favorite part is the Edison era Marconi Bulb. Giving the lamp a look that can't be matched. The bulb is 30 watts so be prepared for a warmth lighting, which helps create a classic ambiance. My Mini Rosewood Lamp will occupy my night stand for a long time."
- Hardtack Outfitter
Designer Ryden Rizzo's passion for woodworking shines with this simple, yet perfectly compact solution for charging and displaying the iPhone 5 on a wall. What looks like just a block of black walnut opens up to reveal a carved out space to hold the Apple Lightning connector cable, secured using four small but strong rare earth magnets. And when closed, the wood and brass hinge make a satisfying "clank" so you're sure everything is all safe and sound.
- Apartment Therapy