Heavy-gauge raw brass, brushed by hand for the perfect sheen.

Our brass and is meticulously brushed and waxed on a metal spinning lathe to achieve a uniform orbital brush pattern. The brass is un-lacquered and will develop a rich, well aged patina over the years. 

Our specialty blackened finish is hand-oxidized brass, achieving a warm charcoal black.

The blackening process starts with raw and freshly brushed brass. Layers of black oxide are hand rubbed into the pours of the metal, darkening its color until a rich charcoal black is reached. The finish is then sealed with oil and wax. Our blackened brass finish provides an excellent handcrafted-modern look to our fixtures.


Our new flame-blackened finish takes advantage of the natural transformation that occurs when wood is exposed to fire. This highlights the unique texture of the wood-grain and the beautiful matte black color of charred wood.


Solid American Hardwoods

Choice of Black Walnut or Quarter-Sawn White Oak.

White Powder Coated

Solid steel parts are sprayed with epoxy powder, then heated to fuse to the metal and form a protective layer. Our white powder coated domes are edge sanded to expose the steel under-layer.