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Allied Maker is a contemporary lighting design studio with heavy influences in geometric simplicity, serious craftsmanship, and high-quality materials. We craft beautiful pieces of metal, wood, glass, and fabrics into minimalist yet expressive lighting fixtures. Our studio began as the artful woodworking practice of Ryden Rizzo, and has organically evolved into a multi-disciplinary studio that utilizes and collaborates with local artisans and manufacturers; as well as handcrafting and assembling our products in-house. Ryden pairs his design and technology training at Parsons School for Design in NYC with self-taught woodworking skills coupled with an eye for details. His design approach stems from an obsession with raw materials, from the sounds it makes, to how it feels in ones hand, to how it looks on a table - every detail is important to him and contributes to the beauty of the products he creates.

We are valued by our customers for our extraordinary passion for our work, and we take pride in creating long lasting, well made products and stamping "Made in USA" on everything we create. We also work with select private clientele and interior designers to craft custom lighting fixtures, please get in touch to discuss the project and receive a quote: studio@alliedmaker.com

Our studio address: 108 Glen Cove Ave, The Loft, Glen Cove, NY 11542