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About us


Allied Maker is a contemporary lighting design studio with heavy influences in geometric simplicity, serious craftsmanship, and high-quality materials. We craft beautiful pieces of metal, wood, glass, and fabrics into minimalist yet expressive lighting fixtures. Our studio began as the artful woodworking practice of Ryden Rizzo, and has organically evolved into a multi-disciplinary studio that utilizes and collaborates with local artisans and manufacturers; as well as handcrafting and assembling our products in-house. Ryden pairs his design and technology training at Parsons School for Design in NYC with self-taught woodworking skills coupled with an eye for details. His design approach stems from an obsession with raw materials, from the sounds it makes, to how it feels in ones hand, to how it looks on a table - every detail is important to him and contributes to the beauty of the products he creates.

We are valued by our customers for our extraordinary passion for our work, and we take pride in creating long lasting, well made products and stamping "Made in USA" on everything we create. We also work with select private clientele and interior designers to craft custom lighting fixtures, please get in touch to discuss the project and receive a quote: ryden ( at ) alliedmaker ( dot ) com




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How did you become interested in woodworking?


Like most young designers today, we have become disconnected with the satisfaction of physical craftsmanship. While attending art school, I always worked a lot of freelance jobs doing web design, photography, and video. Becoming frustrated with long hours in front of a computer, and clients who didn't share my minimalist design sense; school became a way to experiment with new mediums.

One project in particular became an obsession of mine. I was incredibly interested in the field of cymatics, which is the study of visible sound and vibration. Part of my exploration was building a number of physical devices that would vibrate water with music to create beautiful geometric representations of sound. Eventually, as the devices got better, I saw it as an instrument for musicians to visualize the sounds they create, and I became interested in the craftsmanship of the object. I was inspired by guitar builders, who spend countless hours bending and shaping beautiful pieces of wood into a functional instrument that looks and sounds amazing. I wanted my cymatic devices to have the same appeal, so I started teaching myself woodworking on YouTube. I wasn't surprised that I was able to learn everything I needed to know about basic woodworking online, and I built my thesis project by self-educating myself on how to work with wood. You can see the project here:

After that, I knew I wanted a more traditional education, so I found a small school in Vermont where I was taught how to build my own classical guitar. Only four students total, we spent a month in near isolation crafting our guitars from scratch using traditional hand tools under the guidance of our master craftsman. This experience resonated deep, and every ounce of passion I had was burning to work with wood. When I returned home, I instantly cleaned out my garage and set up a basic woodworking studio. A year or so later, the studio has evolved into a professional studio practice with two full-time employees and the basement is now the wiring room, photography studio, and shipping department. We're looking to rent a new space soon.


Where can I see your work in person?


At the moment we are only in one brick and mortar shop, but very recently we've decided to expand our distribution and are looking for quality stores to partner with. You can find us in Berlyn 65, located at 346 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11249. Please call ahead to inquire about purchasing our products: (917) 338-7570. We will also be attending the 2014 Architectural Digest Home Design Show on March 20-23. Look for us at booth M174.


Do you offer discounts for interior designers?


Yes, absolutely! We love working with interior designers. Please introduce yourself by sending an email to


Do you ship internationally?


We ship to the United States and Canada. We will ship internationally on a case by case basis. Please email us with your shipping address and the products / quantity you'd like to purchase to receive a shipping approval / price quote.


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